SDC SA is an acclaimed Software Organization with a 30+ years of history. It was established at 1982 as a group of Ltd companies that were merged to an SA at the year 1990.


  SDC’s main qualifications can be summarized at :


Ø       The in depth knowledge of the Private Enterprises organization and operational needs, concluding to the development and distribution of very efficient ERP systems,

Ø       The experience in Managing and successfully executing complex Information Technology projects,

Ø       The efficiency in delivering the agreed products in complete operational mode, proved in many already delivered projects,

Ø       The International presence with customers at Cyprus/Germany and Egypt,

Ø       The continuous Customers support through its CallCenter services and

Ø       The uninterrupted R&D into latest IT and Communication Technologies


 As a result, SDC SA records a large list of satisfied customers that extends each year with new important members.

 As of the year 2000, SDC’s products and services are covered by ISO certificates. SDC follows International Practices and Proven Methodologies to insure the quality in designing, managing and executing complex IT projects in both Public and Private sector.

 SDC’s main activity is the Design, Development and Support of Software Packages and Solutions. SDC’s S/W Products (Packages) cover a large percentage of many vertical markets. Besides, SDC undertakes large scale Customized Projects for both the Public and the Private sector.


Cooperation with SDC SA leads to success, ... 
                                                                                   Because ...
… we are professionals,
… we respond quickly and efficiently to customer’s requests,
… we offer flexible and quality tools for business officers,
… we supply efficient training and excellent after sales support,
… we establish long term, strong relations with our customers,
… we achieve “Best Value for Money” on IT investments,
… we design Integrated Systems and we supply solutions as per customer’s needs,
… we recognize, support and invest on the positive aspects of people.