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For SDC S.A., Customer's after Sale Support is a main mission...

For SDC SA, Customer’s after Sale Support is a main mission…


Support is a necessity for almost all IT providers. However, for us it is a Main Mission! Our Help Desk is a priority in our Organization.


A team of specialized engineers is available during working or even in non working hours ready to service any customer’s  need.


Fast and efficient support is one of SDC’s qualifications over all the years of its history. We can say that servicing our customers is now a tradition that we want to maintain!



Critical Points of SDC Help Desk :

Single Point Of Contact.

Experienced and Trained Engineers.

Efficient Technical Infrastructure.

Multiple Data Bases Support.

Continuous Improving of tools and methods

Continuous Technical and Relations Training.

Certified Engineers from Oracle , Cisco, Microsoft, H-P, ΙΒΜ etc.



Main Help Desk Services:

Hardware and Systems Software Telephone / Remote Internet Support.

Software Tools (i.e. Data Bases) Telephone / Remote Internet Support.

SDC Applications Telephone / Remote Internet Support.