SDC HRMS (Human Resources Management System) is a tool designed to service Human Resource Departments of any Enterprise.

It consists of many modules that can be used individually or as an integrated application, most important of which are the following :
·         SDC PAYBRAIN : Payroll Application
·         SDC Personnel   : Personnel Management Application
·         SDC Time Manager : Access Control and Labor Costing



SDC HRMS / Personnel, is a powerful management tool for Personnel handling. It holds the Organization chart of the Enterprise, the movements of all employees and can produce Organization Chart at any past time frame. It keeps track of all Personnel history and qualifications, as well as of its family situation. It records duties and evaluations and can also follow up committees and its records, activities and decisions (including Board of Director meetings). Personnel evaluation and HR policies can be adapted to any Enterprise’s internal strategy.



SDC PAYBRAIN can handle the payroll of employees, workers and contractors. It can be configured for any type of taxation, it can handle any type of Social Security (single or multiple), it can calculate retroactive Payrolls, it can communicate with Banks, it can handle loans and it can follow up Enterprise or National Working Contracts.

SDC HRMS / Time Manager is an access control system and a labor costing entry system for the SDC / PAYBRAIN. It can calculate the Departmental Cost or the Cost Center Cost of the Organization. It can be feed manually or through any electronic access control system.