implementation of an Integrated Information System
Date Posted: 5/4/2010

The implementation of an Integrated Information System, a total budget of € 377.661,00, for the distribution activities of the Branch of Shell Lubricants in Greece, made by PETER Petropoulos SA, took the SDC AE. installing platform «ERP AIXMES Business Suite».
Petros Petropoulos H AVEVE responsible for importation, marketing and distribution in the Greek market of lubricants to mark shell, in automotive, marine, aviation and industry.
Based on Software SDC AE, the Petros Petropoulos SA, aims to further strengthen competitiveness and to optimize cost management functions.
The choice of the Integrated System «ERP AICHMES Business Suite», was based on the experience and expertise available to the SDC in implementing large IT projects, providing cutting-edge technology products that combine functionality, flexibility, user friendliness with SDC's ability to fully adapt to the needs and procedures for use in conjunction with the successful and timely completion of projects it undertakes.
Implementation of the Integrated Information System (MIS), except for licenses AIXMES ERP Business Suite supplied and services development, customization, installation, training and support of the project, and computer services work to complete the spin-off action in the field of lubricants by Shell Hellas SA in P. Petropoulos, including the work temperature (in AIXMES ERP) of all economic and trade data from the existing system (SAP).
To work began on 23/10/2009, completed in accordance with the agreed and is in full development from 1/2/2010 to subsidiary Shell "Ostrea oil AE" and now, from 1/3/2010 subsidiary PETER Petropoulos SA.

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 implementation of an Integrated Information System

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