Date Posted: 10/11/2012

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The budget of the project amounts to 1.980.000 Euros


The collaboration  of the companies SDC-Cosmos-Satways has undertaken, according to information, the development of the project “Development of Intelligent Settlement in the town of Archanes of the Municipality of Archanes of the General Secretariat of the Region of Crete with the name intelligent settlement of the Municipality of Archanes: e-Archanes”. The aim of the project is the development and installation of the necessary infrastructure and services of Technologies Information and Communications (ITC) for the creation of an “Intelligent Settlement” (e-Archanes) in the Municipality of Archanes of the Region of Crete. The main target of the Project is to contribute to the substantial upgrade of the quality of life of the people who live in, who are active in or visit the Municipality of Archanes and to familiarize them with the new technologies, offering through ITC improved existing services regarding quality and new added value services. The offered services will support not only the daily but also the professional life of the citizens. The results of the Project will serve as a model of good practice for the future installation of relevant infrastructure and the provision of electronic services to other Municipalities in Crete. In order to develop the wired part of the technological infrastructure, the existing underground television network of the Municipality of Archanes, more than 10km long and servicing about 900 homes in the traditional settlement of Ano Acharnes, will be used and some new wired and wireless infrastructure will be created.


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